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ReminderCube is FREEWARE, which means that you can use it freely.
You do not have to pay me anything for downloading and using it.
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ReminderCube 4.7
Windows releases
Zip file

Update from ReminderCube 4.6:
Install new version and then copy into installation directory (where is remindercube.exe),
database folder, user_icons folder (if there is), and from ReminderCube 4.6 installation folder.

ReminderCube Express 1.0
Windows releases
Zip file

Manual in english

Manual in italian

Windows packages are compiled with Excelsior JET.

Q:I use Windows Vista, when start ReminderCube get this error message:
".\ is denied)".

A:ReminderCube need to write files on the installation directory.
You must set write permissions on the installation folder:
- right click on ReminderCube folder;
- select tab security;
- select your user and add write permission.